Joel & Granddaughter Emily
Station W5ZN
After the Contest
There is much to do for next year, Master, but we have done well!
2009 ARRL June VHF Contest
Limited Multi-op Category
Let's get those antennas ready! W5ZN on the towers
KX9X & NN1N Arrive at W5ZN
Let's check out that new 6 Meter array
Dave.........what are you doing down there?
Dave, NN1N running a New England pile up on 6 meters
Sean, KX9X nabbing KH6ZM and the BK29 mult!
The JA's wife is on the phone
(Dave grabbed JE1BMJ, QM05, on 6 meters)

Hurry up & fix it......DN69 is waiting on 2 meters
& the E cloud is moving fast..........
If I kick the 2 meter amp do you think it might start working??
Joel....what are you doing? This isn't Sweepstakes, there is no "Clean Sweep" and besides, amplified sweepers aren't allowed!
50 MHz - 840/221
144 MHz - 52/27
222 MHz - 21/14
432 MHz - 34/17
Claimed Score
947 QSO's    279 Mults
(15 DXCC Countries on 6 Meters)
7x7x7x7 Six Meter Array
Famous W5ZN Quotes
from the weekend

"In about an hour yer gonna have some Goo on 2 meters!"
W5ZN 6/13/09 2210z

"POW!!!!" - 2 meter amplifer 6/13/09 2300z

"What the heck?" - W5ZN 6/13/09 2300z

"Ah S#%$@#$...Mo&*@#$#" - W5ZN 6/13/09 2301z

"OK...I'll have this fixed & running in the morning"
W5ZN 6/13/09 2330z

"OK, let's fire up the 2 meter amp" - W5ZN 6/14/09 1305z

"POW!!!!" - 2 meter amplifer 6/14/09 1308z

"Ah S#%$@#$...Mo&*@#$#" - W5ZN 6/14/09 1308z

"You're doing fine with just 50 watts on 2 meters, aren't you?"
W5ZN 6/14/09 1315z

"Well, I'll have the 2 meter amp running next year"
W5ZN 6/15/09 0300z
Famous Quotes
from the weekend

"You mean you guys don't have 10 spare computers there??" - K1EA 6/13/09 1700z


"Calling JE1BMJ now!" - NN1N

" the log!" - NN1N

"How low will the air conditioner go? Set it on 60 deg" - NN1N

"What's the air conditioner on? Its cold in here!" - KX9X

"If we only had the 2 meter amp working......." - KX9X

"Joel, are you going to operate or just repair equipment all weekend?" - NN1N

Special Thanks to Roger, N5QS, for computer network & tower support
Hear W5ZN as received at JE1BMJ

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