Station W5ZN
Copyright 2008 - 2016 Joel Harrison, W5ZN

WN5IGF is the club callsign for the Harrison Radio Club. WN5IGF was issued in November, 1972 as the Novice callsign of Joel Harrison, W5ZN, shown below in the photo at the station.

WN5IGF first made an amateur radio contact on January 13, 1973 at 2355z with John Firey, WN5HRI in Austin, TX. One evening in 2009 John, W5ZG (ex WN5HRI & WB5HRI), had a thought to do a Google search of his original Novice callsign and a hit returned from this page on my web site. John learned the reason for the "hit" was that I had his callsign identified as my first contact! John searched through his QSL card files and located the original card that he received from me in 1973. He then contacted me via email and "reintroduced" himself with his new call.

To say it was a pleasantly exciting surprise is an understatement! John graciously offered to send me the original WN5IGF QSL card from our contact (shown above) to which I accepted and am eternally grateful for his generousity.

73 es GL de WN5IGF

Look for WN5IGF during Straight Key Night.
WN5IGF can also be found on 40 meter CW.
W5ZN operating the WN5IGF Station
The Heath DX-60 and HR-10 are from the original WN5IGF station equipment.
WB5IGF, circa 1983
Pictured are WB5IGF (now W5ZN) and son Marc who now holds WB5IGF
John, W5ZG (ex WN5HRI, WB5HRI) with his impressive Collins collection
Joel & Kim at a ham radio event in July 1978
WB5IGF contact on 20 meters with Dave Sumner, K1ZND (now K1ZZ) during the 1974 ARRL CD Party
(Thanks to K1ZZ for returning the QSL card!)
Joel & Granddaughter Emily